Automatically selecting channel

Roy Badami roy
Sun Feb 1 07:49:40 PST 2004

>>>>> "Vijay" == Vijay Raghunathan <vijay at> writes:

    Vijay> As far as I know, it depends on the roaming mode. In mode
    Vijay> "0", the card does automatic scanning (i.e., scans through
    Vijay> all the channels for an AP with the essid that it has been
    Vijay> set to). In mode "2", which is the manual roaming and
    Vijay> scanning mode, this scanning is not done automatically. So,
    Vijay> one can set the channel explicitly.

Thanks.  How does one set/query the roaming mode, I can't find any
mention of it in the iwconfig man page.  And is there a roaming mode

Does this mean that the card will re-associate with another AP in an
ESS when the signal quality gets too low?  I'd always assumed none of
this stuff was implemented in Linux yet, since I'd not seen it
documented anywhere (and since everyone seems to have a preoccupation
with explicitly setting channels).


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