Zebra configuration problem

Yann Garcia yann.garcia
Wed Apr 21 01:35:18 PDT 2004

My objectives are to install and make running a Nocat gateway/AuthServ
on the same Linux box. 
To make it, I have installed the official RedHat kernel with HostAp
(2.4.20-13.9.HOSTAP). I use the installation procedure described by the
?Linux Wireless Access Point HOWTO"
(http://oob.freeshell.org/nzwireless/LWAP-HOWTO.html). The DHCP and the
firewall seam to work fine. The problem comes from TCP/IP routing. I use
Zebra to make the TCP/IP routing packets. My problem is that the zebra
daemon seams to have problems because the logs file contains a lot of
error message ?ZEBRA: netlink-listen filter function error?. I?m looking
for information about the possible cause of these errors, but I didn?t
find informations that help me. I can?t ping LAN network from WLAN
station and I can?t ping WLAN station from Network computer. I use
tethereal to ?see? what happen: I see on the wlan0 interface the ping
packets coming from WLAN station but these packets aren?t routed to eth0
interface (I see nothing on this interface!). I have two network
	? eth0 is the LAN interface
		o InetAddr:
		o Network:
		o Broadcast:
	? wlan0 is the WLAN interface 
		o InetAddr:
		o Network:
		o Broadcast:
Please, I need some help because I don?t understand what happen. I check
my configuration files (zebra.conf & ospf.conf) and I don?t found
Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,
Yann Garcia
Software Engineer
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