Newbie needs help -- Hermes II driver on Linux PPC

Pavel Roskin proski
Sun Apr 11 10:30:31 PDT 2004

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Mike Wellington wrote:

> Hi-
>    I have a Xilinx ML300 board and a Hermes-II mini-PCI
> 802.11 card.  I built the driver ok.  I configured
> the kernel for CONFIG_NET_RADIO.
> The driver installs ok and this is what is reported

I guess you mean this driver:

Agere included hostap into their tarball just because they wanted to use
wpa_supplicant from hostap.  They also added a new file driver_hermes.c to
their modified wpa_supplicant.

However, the Agere driver is completely separate from hostap.  Problems in
the Agere driver should not be reported here.

It seems Agere didn't leave any contact information either in the driver
or on the webpage.  In my opinion, it's very unfriendly towards hostap to
include hostap sources with contact information without placing own
contact information in a more visible location.

Also, it would be polite of them to post a notice to this list that they
are going to distribute hostap with their driver, just in case some users
of their driver start asking questions about the modified hostap sources.

Somebody should call Agere and tell them that they are wrong.  Providing
no support is one thing, being unclear about it is another.

I hope to add Hermes II support to the Orinoco driver
(, but so far it's only plans.

Pavel Roskin

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