Invalid CIS data

Joseph njmurphy1
Sat Apr 10 23:48:14 PDT 2004

Hi All
	I have an 200mW Ultra Long Range 
 Wireless LAN PC Card from netgate:

	This card will come up as a n intersil 1.4.9 when I boot it with another 
system.  I believe it was 1.4.9 but it did come up and use the orinoco 
driver.  And it worked.

	I am trying to get hostap working with this card and a plx9052 controller.  I 
patched 2.6.2 with 0.1.3 and moved the files over to driver/net/wirless.

	I compile the hostap stuff into the kernel.  And reboot.  The error I get is:
hostap_plx: CIS: f3 84 84 80 80 84
hostap_plx: invalid CIS data
unknown PC card - not a prism2/2.5 card.

This is not true or the orinoco driver would not have worked.  

I did some fumbling around and found there is a setting to ignore CIS info in 
hostap_plx.c on line 41.  This is setup to be changed as a module parameter.  
But I compiled averthing into the kernel.  I suspect that I should change 
static int ignore_cis = 0; to
static int ignore_cis = 1;

It's late now and I am off to bed but will give this a try in am.

If this is the WRONG way to do it please let me know.  Or if there is a way to 
add my CIS info to the code how do I do that?


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