Updated DWL-520 rev. E web page

Andrew Barr barr.156
Fri Apr 2 07:50:32 PST 2004

Hello all--

	As I promised, oh, maybe a month ago, I *did* update my web page for the DWL-520 rev. E. However, since then I have stopped using Linux for various reasons. I realize, from watching traffic on this list, that people *do* use this page, so I finished updating it. Evidently Road Runner's FTP server is having trouble (times out after logging in), so I will try to upload this page when I get home (about 1 o'clock EST).

Although I am no longer using Linux, I am willing to update the page to correct errors and include new information. I can't provide help anymore, though. It seems to me that there aren't any (known) problems that haven't been covered, either on the page or the mailing list.

Best wishes to all and thanks again for all the help you've provided.


Why You Can't Run When There's Trouble in the Office:
	No matter where you stand, no matter how far or fast you flee,when it hits the fan, as much as possible will be propelled in your direction, and almost none will be returned to the source.
		-- John L. Shelton

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