wep rekeying not working properly

Murali Krishna Policharla muralikp
Wed Apr 7 05:06:04 PDT 2004

hi all,
        wep rekeying not working correctly with winxp client.

I have the following setup:
1. configured radius server and 802.1x authentication succeeds and i get
dynamic IP address also.
2. The settings in the hostapd.conf file are as below:

wep_rekey_period=600 ( wep rekey period i have tried with all values from 60
sec to 600sec) 

3. I got a winXP client associated to the AP, and running ping from client.
The ping goes on fine with wep_rekey_period=0 and never timesout.
4. Now with any value >0 for wep_rekey_period  from 60 to 600 the ping
timesout and recovers back at the subsequent key exchange.
5. Observed in the kernel logs that decrypt is failing for the frames that
are received during this period.

 Any pointer would be of great help. Thanks in advance

murali krishna 

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