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Santiago Gala Pérez sgala
Tue Sep 30 09:32:02 PDT 2003

El lunes, 15 sept, 2003, a las 19:57 Europe/Madrid, Jeff Meden escribi?:

> Hello All
> In using hostap in an enterprise environment, Ive spent a lot of time 
> doing single client testing on performance and stability on a variety 
> of platforms.  Something that has been a continual problem, however, 
> is trying to test its fitness with a large load and a large client 
> base.  It would be great to know how well the system will handle 
> stress before it gets put into production.  I can test it with a few 
> real clients (several simple PCs set up to sign on to the wireless 
> network) but I need to be able to measure its performance with a dozen 
> or more, which isnt really feasable to simulate without heaps of 
> equipment.  What do you all suggest as a good way to stress an AP to 
> discover its true performance?  Thanks for your help!

I'd say: don't call it production, but field testing.

Start giving the service as an experimental set up, and make the people 
being "used" as lab rats feel like privileged users which will get 
service before it is operational. Take your measures and react 

They call it marketing ;-)

Seriously, it will be too expensive to build a test lab like the one 
you want, so, make a field trial instead.

> Jeff
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