Testing Wireless Performance

Jeff Meden blade
Mon Sep 15 10:57:28 PDT 2003

Hello All

In using hostap in an enterprise environment, Ive spent a lot of time 
doing single client testing on performance and stability on a variety of 
platforms.  Something that has been a continual problem, however, is 
trying to test its fitness with a large load and a large client base.  
It would be great to know how well the system will handle stress before 
it gets put into production.  I can test it with a few real clients 
(several simple PCs set up to sign on to the wireless network) but I 
need to be able to measure its performance with a dozen or more, which 
isnt really feasable to simulate without heaps of equipment.  What do 
you all suggest as a good way to stress an AP to discover its true 
performance?  Thanks for your help!


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