11Mbit/s access points in accesspoint client mode

Szűcs Tibor robit
Fri Sep 19 02:07:55 PDT 2003

> >
> It's not a bug; it's a feature :(
> The manufacturer is globalsuntec.  LinkSYS, DLINK, SMC etc. which
> these
> devices (2422AP OEM-based) have there a barrier in it that only own
> devices
> functioning.

Thanks your reply 

but I not have problem with the new AP like dwl-900ap+ or wap11(v2.2)
this "22mbit/s" devices

My non workable ap is wap11(v1.1) or KTI, PLANET, etc. low cost AP (only
This ap is working with sendfar etc. Ap but not work with hostap in
"wireless client" mode.

Regards from 

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