11Mbit/s access points in accesspoint client mode

Szűcs Tibor robit
Thu Sep 18 06:44:16 PDT 2003



I must use some "old" max 11mbit/s access point in client mode. (Like
wap11 1.1 ; planet ; kti)

The problem:

The "client ap" is connected to hostap (I see the mac addr.) but the
workstation can't communicate over the client ap.


I can ping the "client ap" from the hostap, but can't ping the hostap
from the workstation.


I coud the documentation write "the ap client mode is not compatible
other manufacturer products" but I can use like sendfar, etc.


"Only" hostap not work why? Can I change this?


Please help me, I don't want to change my hostap to sendfar ap


Regards from 




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