Hidden node question...

Curtis V. Schleich cvslist
Tue Sep 16 07:23:20 PDT 2003

Is there any way to determine if a problem I'm dealing with is related to
the hidden node issue?  Any debug information or something that can help me
identify a station or stations exhibiting this problem?

I've had great service from HostAP, it is an incredible project.  Until the
last few weeks, my WAN was running smoothly.   Now for the last few weeks
I've had slow service and laggy ping times.  Is Karlnet my best answer if I
am dealing with the hidden node issue?  I've also looked at frottle and
WiCCP.  Anyone have strong opinions?

Thanks for your time!

Curtis V. Schleich,
CCA and CCAonline,
cvslist (at) ccaonline (dot) com

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