Host ap Going the way of the Dodo?

James B Hiller jhiller
Fri Sep 12 12:12:53 PDT 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Michael Richardson wrote:

> >>>>> "James" == James B Hiller <jhiller at> writes:
>     James> As to the difficulty of finding compatible cards - I really
>     James> believe that is somewhat overstated.  Review the following URL:
>     James>
>   It is not overstate.
>   In every case where it says "newer boards use ...", I am only finding
> non-Prism cards in the channels.

I never claimed that the Prism is in every/many NEW cards.  That
wasn't the question.  The question was about finding Prism-based
cards.  THAT is not particularly hard to do.

>     >> Also does anyone have a good source for cheap hostap compatible cards
>     >> (preferable somewhere that can ship to Europe cheap)
>     James> This is by no means an endorsement, but I've been able to lay
>     James> hands on the DLink DWL-520, both Rev A1 and B1, through
>   Not sold anymore. 
>   If you are still getting things, you are getting them current inventory.

Again, I answered the question.  He didn't ask for newest product;
he asked for a source for cheap, hostap-compatible cards, and I
provided that.  The source I provided has a pile of the DWL-520 in
the older revs, and I'm sure there are a few others who do too.

And the others I referenced are being sold today in a number of
retail outlets, though not as cheaply.

And one other I think I forgot to mention is the Zcomax XI-626,
available directly from Zcomax.  They also sell nice antennas
with SMA connectors that fit a number of cards, including the

Note that I have purchased all of these listed products from the
given sources within the last 30 days.


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