smc2532w-b hostap linux [revised a little]

donnie at donnie
Thu Sep 11 20:33:18 PDT 2003

Hmm, I am using debian with make-kpkg to build custom debian packages for
my kernel.  I got the smc2532w-b working fine by removing the modversions
option in my kernel.  Not exactly sure how to fix it with the modversions
compiled into my kernel.  What info would you need me to send so you can



> On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 18:03, donnie at wrote:
>> Heya,
>> SMC2532W-B uses the Intersil Prism 2.5 Chipset.
>> I just purchased an SMC2532W-B wireless PC Card, and I am having some
issues getting it configured in linux.  I would like to use it as an
access point, but I can't seem to get the hostap pccard module to
>> "unresolved symbols" each time I try to compile it with my kernel.  I
>> PCMCIA support built into my kernel.
> Not sure that this is your issue, but a common problem with unresolved
symbols on RedHat 8.0 and 9.0 builds at least, is that the default kernel
is built with modversions enabled, but not supplied by default with a
matching config file.
> If you simply (re)generate the config file, its created for a kernel
with custom appended to the name.  Hostap is then built to match a kernel
with this name, not the default kernel, and thus won't load against the
default kernel.
> If this matches your issues closely enough, but is not sufficient hint
to resolve things, mail me direct and I'll give you chapter and verse...
> Cheers Harry

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