Wierd ESSID problem (anyone else?)

jon baer security
Sun Sep 7 04:27:28 PDT 2003

could just be a config problem but ... i picked up a microsoft mn-520 card for dirt the other day and tried to hostap with it (using redhat 8.0 + arron baer's rpms) + everything is fine, modules load, iwconfig shows what i want, *but* it does wierdness w/ the essid.

i have a laptop w/ win2k running netstumbler and the hostap will only show up (as a duplicate of my home network and not anything else), @ first i thought it was a channel issue and split them up but still no deal ... anyone else seen this?  or is it just the microcrap card being an issue?

thinkpad + redhat 8
hostap essid -> "test" (wont show up)
hostap essid -> "home" (shows up w/ real ap)


- jon

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