hostapd on mandrake 9.1

Sitsofe Wheeler sits
Thu Sep 4 14:07:51 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 11:41, Maxent s.r.o. wrote:
> 1. I would like to use rather hostapd cuz Jouni said somewhere in
> discussions that IT is the future of hostap. But I wasn't able to find
> any info on how to use that, there is not a one howto for hostapd
> afaik. I'm not even sure if I need hostap_pci for hostapd
> functionality (cuz in mentioned hostap rpm package was only hostapd
> files, I assume that it may not be needed).
I don't use hostapd myself but you most likely will only need hostap_pci
if your wireless card is a "pure" PCI card.

> 2. I want to avoid any compilation if it is possible, so is there any
> way to install latest hostap or hostapd on Mandrake 9.1 from rpm? Or
> if there will be need of hostap compiling, is there requirement only
> of kernel source installed (preferably from rpm) or whole kernel must
> be compiled too?
As you have found, an old version of HostAP is bundled with Mandrake 9.1
and if you do not want to compile anything then you will either have to
stick with that version or find someone else to compile it for you. If
you compile it yourself remember you will have to recompile it each time
you update your kernel (which happens from time to time due to security
updates and suchlike). If you just wish to use the latest HostAP it is
enough to install (but not compile) the kernel source that matches your
running kernel (it is important that they are the exact same version)
and compile the latest HostAP against it. However, if you make *any*
changes to the installed source (e.g. you try and compile the kernel or
change what it compiled into it) then you *will* have to recompile the
kernel. You will also have to move/remove the existing hostap drivers so
the kernel does not use those over the one you made.

Actually another alternative is to wait for the next version of Mandrake
(9.2?) due shortly which will probably include an updated hostap driver
and just upgrade to that (after backing up first ;)...

Sitsofe |

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