HOSTAP problem

Milos Sramek mumu
Thu Sep 4 07:07:32 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I'am using AP running on HOSTAP version 0.0.4, kernel 2.4.21 WE16, WTOOLS26, firmware 1.5.6 (ZCOM-XI626)

I have this problem: 

Hostap work perfectly but only any hours. 
After I can't connect to my AP. I can't see my AP on site scanning from client station.
Iam try watch to all logs files but no messsage, no errors from HOSTAP is here.
Ping from local to wlan0 IP its OK, all see OK but AP is not working :-(

I must manualy reseting card - iwpriv wlan0 reset 1; after is AP ok.
How can I test HOSTAP to this state ?? Where I see info from HOSTAP about thist problem ?
Help me ..



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