5.4Ghz 802.11a PRISM chipset support in the hostap driver or not??

Dan Searle dan.searle
Fri Oct 31 05:07:37 PST 2003


Can anyone tell me if the hostap driver works or is planned to work with
802.11a PRISM chipsets? We've already made a mesh network using WDS links
and OSPF using 802.11b PRISM cards and the hostap driver (amongst other
things), but I'de like to be able to use 802.11a PRISM cards with the hostap
driver as well.

Also, am I right in thinking that 802.11a just defines the PHY layer? i.e.
both 802.11a and 802.11b use the same MAC level frame formats, e.g. you
could have WDS frames on an 802.11a network???

Just for the "compatibility" record, I've got the new version 0.1 hostap
driver to do 802.1X authentication using EAP-TTLS between freeRADIUS and the
Funk software Odyssey client, it's also doing auto 104 bit WEP re-keying on
both broadcast and unicast frames rotated every 5 minutes, and it seems very

Regards, Dan...


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