another question for packet timestamping

Vlasios Tsiatsis vlasios
Thu Oct 30 21:56:43 PST 2003

Thanks for the information but i have some more

So the timestamping functionality is only used when
the driver is in the monitor state ? What is the
impact of this state on the operation of the driver?
Can i send packets as well ?

My intent is to somehow be able to timestamp the RX
and the TX of a packet as accurate as possible while
the protocol runs normally.

Is there any code (in the hostap sources)  for the
interrupts that the prism f/w generates  (like the TX
OK) ?
If there isn't where can i find information in order
to write such a piece of code ? For example
information about the prism interrupts possibly the
prism chip datasheet, the prism interrupt control
registers ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bulky e-mail! 

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