Problem on probing hostap_plx.o

William Kwek smart_waiwai
Thu Oct 30 03:34:43 PST 2003

Hi all,

I have tried to install the module hostap_plx.o in my linux box but it causes the kernel freeze, anybody can help me? Thanks.


Here is my linux box info:

Kernel version: 2.4.21
Hostap driver version: 0.1.1
Wireless LAN card: LinkSys PCMCIA/PCI adapter + LinkSys PC card (prism 3)
Firmware version of LinkSys PC card:
PRI: 1.1.1
STA: 1.5.6

The following are the load map when i called insmod:

[root at linux root]#insmod -m hostap
Using /lib/modules/2.4.21-via/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/hostap.o
Sections:       Size      Address   Align
.this           00000060  e0076000  2**2
.text           0000edb0  e0076060  2**4
.rodata.str1.32 00003800  e0084e20  2**5
.rodata.str1.1  00000a62  e0088620  2**0
.kstrtab        00000719  e00890a0  2**5
__ksymtab       00000178  e00897bc  2**2
.rodata         00000ad0  e0089940  2**4
.data           000000c0  e008a420  2**5
.bss            00000008  e008a4e0  2**2
__archdata      00000000  e008a4f0  2**4

00000000 a hostap.c
e0076000 d __this_module
e0076000 D __insmod_hostap_O/lib/modules/2.4.21-via/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/hostap.o_M3FA09ACE_V132117
e0076060 t gcc2_compiled.
e0076060 T __insmod_hostap_S.text_L60848
e0076060 T hostap_register_crypto_ops_Ra6d832d1
e0076060 t .text
e00760e0 T hostap_unregister_crypto_ops_R723f9bd0
e0076160 T hostap_get_crypto_ops_Re5a7eae9
e00761c0 t hostap_crypt_null_init
e00761d0 t hostap_crypt_null_deinit
e00761e0 t hostap_crypto_init
e0076230 t hostap_crypto_deinit
e00762a0 t ap_debug_proc_read
e0076370 t ap_sta_hash_add
e00763a0 t ap_sta_hash_del
e0076480 t ap_free_sta
e00765d0 t hostap_set_tim
e00766e0 t handle_set_tim_queue
e00767c0 t hostap_event_new_sta
e0076810 t hostap_event_expired_sta
e0076860 t ap_handle_timer
e0076c10 T hostap_deauth_all_stas_R9f4e658e
e0076cb0 t ap_control_proc_read
e0076de0 t ap_control_add_mac
e0076e60 t ap_control_del_mac
e0076f30 t ap_control_mac_deny
e0076fc0 t ap_control_flush_macs
e0077040 t ap_control_kick_mac
e0077100 t ap_control_kickall
e00771a0 t prism2_ap_proc_read
e00773a0 T hostap_check_sta_fw_version_Rba619085
e0077400 t hostap_ap_tx_cb
e0077500 t hostap_ap_tx_cb_auth
e0077690 t hostap_ap_tx_cb_assoc
e0077820 t hostap_ap_tx_cb_poll
e00778b0 T hostap_init_data_Rd9693b87
e0077b50 T hostap_free_data_R473b5ffc
e0077cb0 t ap_get_sta
e0077d00 t prism2_send_mgmt
e0077f80 t prism2_sta_proc_read
e0078250 t handle_add_proc_queue
e0078340 t ap_add_sta
e00784d0 t ap_tx_rate_ok
e0078520 t prism2_check_tx_rates
e0078650 t ap_crypt_init
e00786d0 t ap_auth_make_challenge
e00787d0 t handle_authen
e0078d20 t handle_assoc
e00792d0 t handle_deauth
e0079420 t handle_disassoc
e0079570 t ap_handle_data_nullfunc
e00795b0 t ap_handle_dropped_data
e0079670 t pspoll_send_buffered
e00796f0 t handle_pspoll
e00798c0 T hostap_ap_update_sq
e0079920 t handle_wds_oper_queue
e0079a20 t handle_beacon
e0079e00 t handle_ap_item
e007a1e0 T hostap_rx
e007a260 t schedule_packet_send
e007a370 t prism2_ap_get_sta_qual
e007a4f0 t prism2_ap_translate_scan
e007aa30 t prism2_hostapd_add_sta
e007ab30 t prism2_hostapd_remove_sta
e007abd0 t prism2_hostapd_get_info_sta
e007ac40 t prism2_hostapd_set_flags_sta
e007aca0 t prism2_hostapd
e007ad30 t ap_update_sta_tx_rate
e007ae80 T hostap_handle_sta_tx_Rd24bfd1a
e007b150 T hostap_handle_sta_release_R27df6133
e007b160 T hostap_handle_sta_tx_exc_Ra888409c
e007b2f0 t hostap_update_sta_ps2
e007b360 T hostap_update_sta_ps_Rf358365e
e007b3c0 T hostap_handle_sta_rx_R1ebe37c8
e007b790 T hostap_handle_sta_crypto
e007b7f0 T hostap_is_sta_assoc_R58304d38
e007b830 T hostap_add_sta_Rd100b11e
e007b8c0 T hostap_update_rx_stats
e007b900 T hostap_update_rates_Rf51275b6
e007b950 t ap_crypt_get_ptrs
e007b9d0 T hostap_add_wds_links_R6e6a7cdf
e007ba70 T hostap_wds_link_oper
e007bb10 t prism2_info_commtallies16
e007bc80 t prism2_info_commtallies32
e007bd70 t prism2_info_commtallies
e007bdb0 t hfa384x_linkstatus_str
e007be40 t prism2_info_linkstatus
e007bf30 t prism2_host_roaming
e007c150 t hostap_report_scan_complete
e007c190 t prism2_info_scanresults
e007c2b0 t prism2_info_hostscanresults
e007c460 T hostap_info_process_Rbb4ce2fc
e007c570 t handle_info_queue_linkstatus
e007c690 t handle_info_queue_scanresults
e007c6c0 t handle_info_queue
e007c710 T hostap_info_init_R4551d42e
e007c760 t hostap_get_wireless_stats
e007c870 t prism2_get_datarates
e007c920 t prism2_get_name
e007c980 t prism2_crypt_delayed_deinit
e007c9e0 t prism2_ioctl_siwencode
e007cca0 t prism2_ioctl_giwencode
e007cdf0 t prism2_ioctl_giwspy
e007cef0 t hostap_set_rate
e007cff0 t prism2_ioctl_siwrate
e007d0e0 t prism2_ioctl_giwrate
e007d250 t prism2_ioctl_siwsens
e007d2b0 t prism2_ioctl_giwsens
e007d310 t prism2_ioctl_giwaplist
e007d420 t prism2_ioctl_siwrts
e007d4a0 t prism2_ioctl_giwrts
e007d500 t prism2_ioctl_siwfrag
e007d580 t prism2_ioctl_giwfrag
e007d5e0 t hostap_join_ap
e007d750 t prism2_ioctl_siwap
e007d810 t prism2_ioctl_giwap
e007d8b0 t prism2_ioctl_siwnickn
e007d970 t prism2_ioctl_giwnickn
e007da20 t prism2_ioctl_siwfreq
e007db10 t prism2_ioctl_giwfreq
e007db90 t hostap_monitor_set_type
e007dbe0 t prism2_ioctl_siwessid
e007dce0 t prism2_ioctl_giwessid
e007dda0 t prism2_ioctl_giwrange
e007dfe0 t hostap_monitor_mode_enable
e007e0a0 t hostap_monitor_mode_disable
e007e100 t prism2_ioctl_siwmode
e007e250 t prism2_ioctl_giwmode
e007e280 t prism2_ioctl_siwpower
e007e3e0 t prism2_ioctl_giwpower
e007e4f0 t prism2_ioctl_siwretry
e007e590 t prism2_ioctl_giwretry
e007e6b0 t prism2_ioctl_siwtxpow
e007e7a0 t prism2_ioctl_giwtxpow
e007e7b0 t prism2_request_hostscan
e007e830 t prism2_request_scan
e007e8c0 t prism2_ioctl_siwscan
e007e930 t prism2_ioctl_giwscan
e007f210 t prism2_ioctl_priv_inquire
e007f250 t prism2_ioctl_priv_prism2_param
e007f9c0 t prism2_ioctl_priv_get_prism2_param
e007fcd0 t prism2_ioctl_priv_readmif
e007fd20 t prism2_ioctl_priv_writemif
e007fd70 t prism2_ioctl_priv_monitor
e007fe50 t prism2_ioctl_priv_reset
e007ff20 t prism2_ioctl_priv_set_rid_word
e007ff70 t ap_mac_cmd_ioctl
e0080010 t prism2_ioctl_set_encryption
e0080370 t prism2_ioctl_get_encryption
e00804b0 t prism2_ioctl_get_rid
e0080510 t prism2_ioctl_set_rid
e0080570 t prism2_ioctl_set_assoc_ap_addr
e00805d0 t prism2_ioctl_priv_hostapd
e0080780 T hostap_ioctl
e0080bb0 t prism2_debug_proc_read
e0080d00 t prism2_stats_proc_read
e0080ec0 t prism2_wds_proc_read
e0080fd0 t prism2_pda_proc_read
e0081070 t prism2_scan_results_proc_read
e00813e0 T hostap_init_proc_R78b61533
e0081500 T hostap_remove_proc_Rbf88d2b7
e0081590 T hostap_dump_rx_80211
e0081740 T prism2_rx_80211
e0081c70 t monitor_rx
e0081ca0 t prism2_frag_cache_find
e0081d90 t prism2_frag_cache_get
e0081ec0 t prism2_frag_cache_invalidate
e0081f20 t hostap_is_eapol_frame
e0081fe0 T hostap_80211_rx_R1d3d4df3
e0083420 T hostap_add_interface
e0083540 T hostap_remove_interface
e0083590 t prism2_wds_add
e00837f0 t prism2_wds_del
e0083900 T hostap_tx_callback_register
e0083970 T hostap_tx_callback_unregister
e00839e0 T hostap_set_word_R0a57aa09
e0083a20 T hostap_set_string_Rf860bede
e0083ad0 T hostap_get_porttype_R8dd2bc88
e0083b30 T hostap_set_encryption_Ra2d99cb8
e0083df0 T hostap_set_antsel_Rd0e29e67
e0083f50 T hostap_set_roaming_R8515668a
e0083f90 T hostap_dump_rx_header_R27a069d6
e0084160 T hostap_dump_tx_header_R3abcbf80
e0084310 T hostap_netif_wake_queues_Rc2e185f5
e00843c0 T hostap_netif_stop_queues_Re2b3e898
e0084430 T hostap_80211_header_parse_R1b8fc218
e0084450 T hostap_80211_prism_header_parse_Rf53acacf
e00844a0 T hostap_80211_get_hdrlen_R6903f16c
e00844f0 T hostap_get_stats_R8df43105
e0084500 t prism2_close
e00845d0 t prism2_open
e00846b0 t prism2_set_mac_address
e0084770 T hostap_set_multicast_list_queue_Rc089a779
e00847d0 t hostap_set_multicast_list
e00847e0 t prism2_change_mtu
e0084810 t prism2_tx_timeout
e00848a0 T hostap_setup_dev_Rceff9dd3
e0084960 t hostap_enable_hostapd
e0084a20 t hostap_disable_hostapd
e0084a80 T hostap_set_hostapd_R3faf7362
e0084ae0 t hostap_init
e0084ae0 t init_module
e0084b30 t cleanup_module
e0084b30 t hostap_exit
e0084b5b t .text.lock.hostap
e0084e20 r .rodata.str1.32
e0084ea0 r .LC2
e0084ee0 r .LC3
e0084f20 r .LC5
e0084f60 r .LC13
e0084fc0 r .LC15
e0085080 r .LC18
e00850c0 r .LC19
e0085100 r .LC20
e0085160 r .LC23
e00851c0 r .LC24
e0085220 r .LC25
e0085260 r .LC33
e00852a0 r .LC34
e00852c0 r .LC35
e0085300 r .LC36
e0085340 r .LC44
e0085360 r .LC45
e00853c0 r .LC46
e0085420 r .LC47
e0085460 r .LC52
e00854a0 r .LC53
e00854e0 r .LC56
e0085520 r .LC57
e0085580 r .LC58
e00855c0 r .LC60
e0085600 r .LC63
e0085660 r .LC64
e00856a0 r .LC65
e00856e0 r .LC76
e0085780 r .LC79
e00858a0 r .LC84
e00858c0 r .LC86
e0085900 r .LC87
e0085940 r .LC88
e00859a0 r .LC89
e0085a00 r .LC90
e0085a80 r .LC95
e0085b20 r .LC104
e0085be0 r .LC109
e0085c40 r .LC115
e0085c80 r .LC116
e0085ce0 r .LC117
e0085d60 r .LC118
e0085da0 r .LC119
e0085e00 r .LC120
e0085e80 r .LC121
e0085ec0 r .LC122
e0085f00 r .LC124
e0085fc0 r .LC126
e0086020 r .LC127
e0086060 r .LC131
e0086120 r .LC136
e0086180 r .LC137
e00861c0 r .LC141
e0086200 r .LC142
e0086220 r .LC143
e0086260 r .LC144
e00862c0 r .LC145
e0086300 r .LC146
e0086340 r .LC147
e00863a0 r .LC148
e0086400 r .LC150
e0086420 r .LC152
e0086460 r .LC153
e0086500 r .LC156
e0086540 r .LC157
e0086580 r .LC158
e00865e0 r .LC159
e0086640 r .LC161
e00866a0 r .LC162
e00867a0 r .LC165
e0086820 r .LC166
e0086860 r .LC167
e00868e0 r .LC168
e0086960 r .LC169
e00869a0 r .LC170
e00869e0 r .LC178
e0086a20 r .LC180
e0086a80 r .LC181
e0086ac0 r .LC182
e0086b00 r .LC183
e0086b40 r .LC184
e0086ba0 r .LC186
e0086be0 r .LC187
e0086c20 r .LC188
e0086c60 r .LC189
e0086ca0 r .LC190
e0086ce0 r .LC193
e0086d20 r .LC194
e0086d60 r .LC198
e0086dc0 r .LC202
e0086e00 r .LC203
e0086e60 r .LC204
e0086ea0 r .LC205
e0086ee0 r .LC206
e0086f20 r .LC207
e0086f60 r .LC208
e0086fa0 r .LC209
e0087000 r .LC210
e0087060 r .LC211
e00870a0 r .LC213
e00870e0 r .LC215
e0087100 r .LC216
e0087120 r .LC217
e0087160 r .LC218
e00871a0 r .LC219
e0087220 r .LC220
e0087260 r .LC230
e00872a0 r .LC231
e00872e0 r .LC232
e0087320 r .LC236
e0087360 r .LC237
e00873a0 r .LC239
e00873e0 r .LC240
e0087420 r .LC241
e0087480 r .LC242
e00874c0 r .LC243
e0087500 r .LC244
e0087580 r .LC245
e00875c0 r .LC249
e00875e0 r .LC251
e0087620 r .LC252
e0087680 r .LC253
e00876c0 r .LC281
e00876e0 r .LC283
e0087700 r .LC284
e0087740 r .LC286
e0087780 r .LC287
e00877c0 r .LC288
e0087800 r .LC290
e0087840 r .LC291
e0087880 r .LC297
e00878c0 r .LC300
e0087900 r .LC302
e0087980 r .LC303
e00879c0 r .LC304
e0087a00 r .LC305
e0087a40 r .LC306
e0087a80 r .LC307
e0087ac0 r .LC308
e0087b20 r .LC309
e0087b80 r .LC312
e0087be0 r .LC313
e0087c40 r .LC314
e0087ca0 r .LC315
e0087ce0 r .LC316
e0087d40 r .LC317
e0087da0 r .LC318
e0087e00 r .LC319
e0087e60 r .LC320
e0087ec0 r .LC321
e0087f00 r .LC323
e0087f60 r .LC324
e0087fa0 r .LC326
e0087fe0 r .LC327
e0088000 r .LC328
e0088040 r .LC329
e0088080 r .LC331
e00880c0 r .LC332
e0088100 r .LC333
e0088140 r .LC334
e0088180 r .LC335
e00881a0 r .LC336
e00881e0 r .LC337
e0088220 r .LC338
e00882a0 r .LC339
e0088300 r .LC340
e00883a0 r .LC341
e0088400 r .LC342
e0088460 r .LC345
e00884a0 r .LC348
e00884e0 r .LC349
e0088520 r .LC350
e0088580 r .LC351
e00885c0 r .LC354
e00885e0 r .LC355
e0088620 r .LC4
e0088620 r .rodata.str1.1
e0088625 r .LC6
e008863e r .LC7
e0088659 r .LC8
e008866c r .LC9
e008867f r .LC10
e0088690 r .LC11
e00886a1 r .LC12
e00886af r .LC14
e00886cd r .LC21
e00886de r .LC22
e00886ed r .LC26
e00886f2 r .LC27
e00886f8 r .LC28
e00886fd r .LC29
e0088705 r .LC30
e0088715 r .LC31
e0088726 r .LC32
e0088731 r .LC37
e0088734 r .LC38
e008873b r .LC39
e008873d r .LC40
e0088744 r .LC41
e008874c r .LC42
e0088753 r .LC43
e0088755 r .LC48
e0088769 r .LC49
e0088777 r .LC50
e0088789 r .LC51
e008879f r .LC54
e00887ae r .LC55
e00887c1 r .LC59
e00887ca r .LC61
e00887d5 r .LC62
e00887d8 r .LC66
e00887de r .LC67
e00887df r .LC68
e00887eb r .LC69
e00887f1 r .LC70
e00887f6 r .LC71
e00887fa r .LC72
e0088801 r .LC73
e0088807 r .LC74
e008880a r .LC75
e008880e r .LC77
e0088811 r .LC78
e008881b r .LC80
e0088825 r .LC81
e0088831 r .LC82
e0088837 r .LC83
e008884e r .LC85
e0088961 r .LC110
e00889a2 r .LC123
e00889a9 r .LC128
e00889cd r .LC130
e00889e2 r .LC134
e00889e9 r .LC135
e00889f2 r .LC138
e0088a05 r .LC139
e0088a21 r .LC140
e0088a3c r .LC149
e0088a59 r .LC151
e0088a70 r .LC155
e0088aa1 r .LC171
e0088aab r .LC172
e0088ab8 r .LC173
e0088acc r .LC174
e0088ae6 r .LC175
e0088afc r .LC176
e0088b0f r .LC177
e0088b17 r .LC179
e0088b32 r .LC185
e0088b4d r .LC191
e0088b64 r .LC192
e0088b6a r .LC195
e0088b77 r .LC196
e0088b86 r .LC197
e0088b97 r .LC199
e0088bb5 r .LC200
e0088bcf r .LC201
e0088beb r .LC212
e0088c05 r .LC214
e0088c22 r .LC221
e0088c29 r .LC222
e0088c2c r .LC223
e0088c4a r .LC224
e0088c67 r .LC225
e0088c7f r .LC226
e0088c96 r .LC227
e0088ca1 r .LC228
e0088cae r .LC229
e0088cb6 r .LC233
e0088cc0 r .LC234
e0088cc9 r .LC235
e0088cd8 r .LC238
e0088cec r .LC246
e0088d09 r .LC247
e0088d24 r .LC248
e0088d29 r .LC250
e0088d44 r .LC254
e0088d61 r .LC255
e0088d7f r .LC256
e0088d97 r .LC257
e0088da6 r .LC258
e0088db6 r .LC259
e0088dce r .LC260
e0088dde r .LC261
e0088df0 r .LC262
e0088dfd r .LC263
e0088e11 r .LC264
e0088e27 r .LC265
e0088e37 r .LC266
e0088e4b r .LC267
e0088e61 r .LC268
e0088e7d r .LC269
e0088e95 r .LC270
e0088eaf r .LC271
e0088ec8 r .LC272
e0088ed7 r .LC273
e0088eeb r .LC274
e0088f01 r .LC275
e0088f11 r .LC276
e0088f25 r .LC277
e0088f3b r .LC278
e0088f4b r .LC279
e0088f62 r .LC280
e0088f78 r .LC282
e0088f94 r .LC285
e0088fb1 r .LC289
e0088fb3 r .LC292
e0088fb9 r .LC293
e0088fbf r .LC294
e0088fc3 r .LC295
e0088fc7 r .LC296
e0088fd4 r .LC298
e0088fde r .LC299
e0088fe6 r .LC301
e0088ffe r .LC310
e0089001 r .LC311
e0089007 r .LC322
e0089025 r .LC325
e008902a r .LC330
e0089059 r .LC346
e008905c r .LC347
e0089060 r .LC352
e008907e r .LC353
e00890a0 r .kstrtab
e00890a0 R __kstrtab_hostap_register_crypto_ops_Ra6d832d1
e00890e0 R __kstrtab_hostap_unregister_crypto_ops_R723f9bd0
e0089120 R __kstrtab_hostap_get_crypto_ops_Re5a7eae9
e0089140 R __kstrtab_hostap_init_data_Rd9693b87
e008915b R __kstrtab_hostap_free_data_R473b5ffc
e0089180 R __kstrtab_hostap_check_sta_fw_version_Rba619085
e00891c0 R __kstrtab_hostap_handle_sta_tx_Rd24bfd1a
e00891e0 R __kstrtab_hostap_handle_sta_release_R27df6133
e0089220 R __kstrtab_hostap_handle_sta_tx_exc_Ra888409c
e0089260 R __kstrtab_hostap_update_sta_ps_Rf358365e
e0089280 R __kstrtab_hostap_handle_sta_rx_R1ebe37c8
e008929f R __kstrtab_hostap_is_sta_assoc_R58304d38
e00892bd R __kstrtab_hostap_add_sta_Rd100b11e
e00892d6 R __kstrtab_hostap_update_rates_Rf51275b6
e0089300 R __kstrtab_hostap_add_wds_links_R6e6a7cdf
e008931f R __kstrtab_hostap_wds_link_oper
e0089340 R __kstrtab_hostap_deauth_all_stas_R9f4e658e
e0089361 R __kstrtab_hostap_info_init_R4551d42e
e008937c R __kstrtab_hostap_info_process_Rbb4ce2fc
e008939a R __kstrtab_hostap_init_proc_R78b61533
e00893b5 R __kstrtab_hostap_remove_proc_Rbf88d2b7
e00893d2 R __kstrtab_hostap_80211_rx_R1d3d4df3
e00893ec R __kstrtab_hostap_set_word_R0a57aa09
e0089406 R __kstrtab_hostap_set_string_Rf860bede
e0089422 R __kstrtab_hostap_get_porttype_R8dd2bc88
e0089440 R __kstrtab_hostap_set_encryption_Ra2d99cb8
e0089460 R __kstrtab_hostap_set_antsel_Rd0e29e67
e008947c R __kstrtab_hostap_set_roaming_R8515668a
e00894a0 R __kstrtab_hostap_dump_rx_header_R27a069d6
e00894c0 R __kstrtab_hostap_dump_tx_header_R3abcbf80
e00894e0 R __kstrtab_hostap_netif_wake_queues_Rc2e185f5
e0089520 R __kstrtab_hostap_netif_stop_queues_Re2b3e898
e0089560 R __kstrtab_hostap_80211_header_parse_R1b8fc218
e00895a0 R __kstrtab_hostap_80211_prism_header_parse_Rf53acacf
e00895e0 R __kstrtab_hostap_80211_get_hdrlen_R6903f16c
e0089602 R __kstrtab_hostap_get_stats_R8df43105
e008961d R __kstrtab_hostap_setup_dev_Rceff9dd3
e0089638 R __kstrtab_hostap_proc_R43768e8a
e0089660 R __kstrtab_hostap_set_multicast_list_queue_Rc089a779
e008968a R __kstrtab_hostap_set_hostapd_R3faf7362
e00896a7 R __kstrtab_hostap_add_interface
e00896bc R __kstrtab_hostap_remove_interface
e00897bc R __ksymtab_hostap_register_crypto_ops_Ra6d832d1
e00897bc r __ksymtab
e00897c4 R __ksymtab_hostap_unregister_crypto_ops_R723f9bd0
e00897cc R __ksymtab_hostap_get_crypto_ops_Re5a7eae9
e00897d4 R __ksymtab_hostap_init_data_Rd9693b87
e00897dc R __ksymtab_hostap_free_data_R473b5ffc
e00897e4 R __ksymtab_hostap_check_sta_fw_version_Rba619085
e00897ec R __ksymtab_hostap_handle_sta_tx_Rd24bfd1a
e00897f4 R __ksymtab_hostap_handle_sta_release_R27df6133
e00897fc R __ksymtab_hostap_handle_sta_tx_exc_Ra888409c
e0089804 R __ksymtab_hostap_update_sta_ps_Rf358365e
e008980c R __ksymtab_hostap_handle_sta_rx_R1ebe37c8
e0089814 R __ksymtab_hostap_is_sta_assoc_R58304d38
e008981c R __ksymtab_hostap_add_sta_Rd100b11e
e0089824 R __ksymtab_hostap_update_rates_Rf51275b6
e008982c R __ksymtab_hostap_add_wds_links_R6e6a7cdf
e0089834 R __ksymtab_hostap_wds_link_oper
e008983c R __ksymtab_hostap_deauth_all_stas_R9f4e658e
e0089844 R __ksymtab_hostap_info_init_R4551d42e
e008984c R __ksymtab_hostap_info_process_Rbb4ce2fc
e0089854 R __ksymtab_hostap_init_proc_R78b61533
e008985c R __ksymtab_hostap_remove_proc_Rbf88d2b7
e0089864 R __ksymtab_hostap_80211_rx_R1d3d4df3
e008986c R __ksymtab_hostap_set_word_R0a57aa09
e0089874 R __ksymtab_hostap_set_string_Rf860bede
e008987c R __ksymtab_hostap_get_porttype_R8dd2bc88
e0089884 R __ksymtab_hostap_set_encryption_Ra2d99cb8
e008988c R __ksymtab_hostap_set_antsel_Rd0e29e67
e0089894 R __ksymtab_hostap_set_roaming_R8515668a
e008989c R __ksymtab_hostap_dump_rx_header_R27a069d6
e00898a4 R __ksymtab_hostap_dump_tx_header_R3abcbf80
e00898ac R __ksymtab_hostap_netif_wake_queues_Rc2e185f5
e00898b4 R __ksymtab_hostap_netif_stop_queues_Re2b3e898
e00898bc R __ksymtab_hostap_80211_header_parse_R1b8fc218
e00898c4 R __ksymtab_hostap_80211_prism_header_parse_Rf53acacf
e00898cc R __ksymtab_hostap_80211_get_hdrlen_R6903f16c
e00898d4 R __ksymtab_hostap_get_stats_R8df43105
e00898dc R __ksymtab_hostap_setup_dev_Rceff9dd3
e00898e4 R __ksymtab_hostap_proc_R43768e8a
e00898ec R __ksymtab_hostap_set_multicast_list_queue_Rc089a779
e00898f4 R __ksymtab_hostap_set_hostapd_R3faf7362
e00898fc R __ksymtab_hostap_add_interface
e0089904 R __ksymtab_hostap_remove_interface
e0089940 r .rodata
e0089940 R __insmod_hostap_S.rodata_L2768
e0089940 r freq_list
e00899f8 r prism2_priv
e008a328 r prism2_handler
e008a3e0 r prism2_private_handler
e008a3f0 r hostap_iw_handler_def
e008a420 d hostap_crypt_null
e008a420 D __insmod_hostap_S.data_L192
e008a420 d .data
e008a44c d rfc1042_header
e008a452 d bridge_tunnel_header
e008a460 d other_ap_policy
e008a480 d ap_max_inactivity
e008a4a0 d ap_bridge_packets
e008a4c0 d autom_ap_wds
e008a4e0 D hostap_proc_R43768e8a
e008a4e0 d .bss
e008a4e0 D __insmod_hostap_S.bss_L8
e008a4e4 d hcrypt

[root at linux root]# insmod -m hostap_plx
Using /lib/modules/2.4.21-via/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/hostap_plx.o
Sections:       Size      Address   Align
.this           00000060  e008c000  2**2
.text           00006580  e008c060  2**4
.rodata.str1.32 000028e0  e00925e0  2**5
.rodata.str1.1  000003af  e0094ec0  2**0
.rodata         00000020  e0095270  2**4
.data           00000320  e00952a0  2**5
.kstrtab        000000f4  e00955c0  2**0
.bss            0000000c  e00956b4  2**2
.kmodtab        0000000c  e00956c0  2**2
__ksymtab       00000028  e00956cc  2**2
__archdata      00000000  e0095700  2**4

00000000 a hostap_plx.c
e008c000 D __insmod_hostap_plx_O/lib/modules/2.4.21-via/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/hostap_plx.o_M3FA09ACE_V132117
e008c000 d __this_module
e008c060 t gcc2_compiled.
e008c060 t hfa384x_from_bap
e008c060 T __insmod_hostap_plx_S.text_L25984
e008c060 t .text
e008c0c0 t hfa384x_to_bap
e008c120 t hfa384x_read_reg
e008c140 t hfa384x_read_regs
e008c190 t hfa384x_cmd
e008c640 t hfa384x_cmd_callback
e008c860 t hfa384x_cmd_wait
e008c990 t hfa384x_cmd_no_wait
e008ca20 t hfa384x_setup_bap
e008cbe0 t hfa384x_get_rid
e008cd70 t hfa384x_set_rid
e008ced0 t hfa384x_disable_interrupts
e008cef0 t hfa384x_enable_interrupts
e008cf10 t hfa384x_events_no_bap0
e008cf30 t hfa384x_events_all
e008cf50 t hfa384x_events_only_cmd
e008cf70 t hfa384x_allocate_fid
e008d020 t prism2_reset_port
e008d0a0 t prism2_get_version_info
e008d140 t prism2_setup_rids
e008d610 t prism2_clear_cmd_queue
e008d6e0 t prism2_hw_init
e008d810 t prism2_hw_init2
e008da30 t prism2_hw_enable
e008dae0 t prism2_hw_config
e008db60 t prism2_hw_shutdown
e008dc20 t prism2_hw_reset
e008dd30 t prism2_schedule_reset
e008dd60 t handle_reset_queue
e008ddd0 t prism2_netif_update_trans_start
e008de40 t prism2_get_txfid_idx
e008de90 t prism2_transmit_cb
e008df70 t prism2_transmit
e008e010 t prism2_cmd_ev
e008e2d0 t prism2_tx
e008ef40 t prism2_tx_80211
e008f230 t prism2_rx
e008f6d0 t hostap_rx_skb
e008f880 t hostap_rx_tasklet
e008f8e0 t prism2_alloc_ev
e008fb10 t hostap_tx_callback
e008fd70 t hostap_tx_compl_read
e008ff80 t prism2_tx_ev
e0090030 t hostap_sta_tx_exc_tasklet
e00900b0 t prism2_txexc
e00904a0 t hostap_info_tasklet
e0090520 t prism2_info
e00907b0 t hostap_bap_tasklet
e0090870 t prism2_infdrop
e00908c0 t prism2_ev_tick
e0090960 t prism2_interrupt
e0090ca0 t prism2_check_sta_fw_version
e0090db0 t prism2_crypt_deinit_entries
e0090e20 t prism2_crypt_deinit_handler
e0090e80 t hostap_passive_scan
e0091010 t hostap_tick_timer
e00910a0 t prism2_registers_proc_read
e0091420 t prism2_init_local_data
e0091890 t prism2_init_dev
e0091990 t prism2_free_local_data
e0091c60 t prism2_plx_cor_sreset
e0091d00 t prism2_plx_genesis_reset
e0091e60 t prism2_plx_check_cis
e0092150 t prism2_plx_probe
e0092490 t prism2_plx_remove
e00924f0 t init_prism2_plx
e00924f0 t init_module
e0092550 t cleanup_module
e0092550 t exit_prism2_plx
e009256f t .text.lock.hostap_plx
e00925e0 r .rodata.str1.32
e0092660 r .LC2
e00926a0 r .LC6
e00926e0 r .LC7
e0092720 r .LC8
e0092760 r .LC9
e00927a0 r .LC10
e00927e0 r .LC11
e0092820 r .LC12
e0092880 r .LC13
e00928c0 r .LC14
e0092940 r .LC15
e0092980 r .LC16
e00929c0 r .LC17
e0092a00 r .LC18
e0092a40 r .LC19
e0092a80 r .LC20
e0092ac0 r .LC21
e0092b00 r .LC22
e0092b40 r .LC23
e0092b80 r .LC24
e0092be0 r .LC25
e0092c40 r .LC26
e0092ca0 r .LC27
e0092ce0 r .LC28
e0092d20 r .LC29
e0092d80 r .LC30
e0092dc0 r .LC31
e0092e00 r .LC32
e0092e40 r .LC33
e0092e80 r .LC34
e0092ec0 r .LC35
e0092ee0 r .LC36
e0092f20 r .LC37
e0092f40 r .LC38
e0092f80 r .LC40
e0092fc0 r .LC41
e0093000 r .LC42
e0093040 r .LC43
e0093080 r .LC44
e00930c0 r .LC45
e0093100 r .LC46
e0093140 r .LC47
e0093180 r .LC48
e00931c0 r .LC49
e0093200 r .LC50
e0093240 r .LC51
e0093280 r .LC52
e00932c0 r .LC53
e0093300 r .LC54
e0093340 r .LC55
e00933a0 r .LC56
e00933e0 r .LC58
e0093420 r .LC59
e0093460 r .LC60
e00934a0 r .LC61
e00934e0 r .LC62
e0093520 r .LC66
e0093580 r .LC67
e00935c0 r .LC68
e0093600 r .LC70
e0093620 r .LC71
e0093640 r .LC72
e0093680 r .LC74
e00936e0 r .LC75
e0093720 r .LC76
e0093760 r .LC79
e00937e0 r .LC81
e0093820 r .LC82
e0093860 r .LC83
e0093920 r .LC85
e0093980 r .LC86
e00939c0 r .LC87
e0093a00 r .LC88
e0093a40 r .LC89
e0093a80 r .LC90
e0093ac0 r .LC91
e0093b00 r .LC92
e0093b60 r .LC93
e0093ba0 r .LC94
e0093be0 r .LC95
e0093c40 r .LC96
e0093c80 r .LC97
e0093cc0 r .LC98
e0093d00 r .LC99
e0093d40 r .LC100
e0093d80 r .LC101
e0093dc0 r .LC102
e0093e00 r .LC103
e0093e40 r .LC104
e0093ea0 r .LC105
e0093ee0 r .LC106
e0093f20 r .LC107
e0093f60 r .LC108
e0093fa0 r .LC109
e0094060 r .LC113
e00940a0 r .LC114
e00940e0 r .LC115
e0094140 r .LC119
e0094180 r .LC120
e00941c0 r .LC121
e0094240 r .LC123
e0094280 r .LC124
e00942c0 r .LC125
e0094320 r .LC131
e0094360 r .LC137
e00943a0 r .LC138
e0094440 r .LC139
e0094480 r .LC140
e00944e0 r .LC141
e0094520 r .LC142
e0094580 r .LC144
e00945c0 r .LC145
e0094600 r .LC146
e0094660 r .LC147
e00946a0 r .LC148
e00946e0 r .LC149
e0094720 r .LC153
e0094780 r .LC155
e00947c0 r .LC156
e0094840 r .LC157
e00948a0 r .LC158
e00948e0 r .LC159
e0094920 r .LC160
e0094960 r .LC161
e0094980 r .LC162
e00949c0 r .LC188
e0094a00 r .LC190
e0094a40 r .LC191
e0094a80 r .LC192
e0094aa0 r .LC194
e0094ae0 r .LC195
e0094b20 r .LC196
e0094b60 r .LC197
e0094ba0 r .LC199
e0094c00 r .LC201
e0094c60 r .LC202
e0094ca0 r .LC203
e0094ce0 r .LC205
e0094d40 r .LC206
e0094d80 r .LC207
e0094dc0 r .LC209
e0094e00 r .LC210
e0094e40 r .LC212
e0094e80 r .LC215
e0094ec0 r .LC3
e0094ec0 r .rodata.str1.1
e0094ecb r .LC4
e0094ed0 r .LC5
e0094ed7 r .LC39
e0094f0a r .LC63
e0094f0e r .LC64
e0094f12 r .LC65
e0094f16 r .LC69
e0094f34 r .LC73
e0094f4c r .LC77
e0094f67 r .LC78
e0094f84 r .LC110
e0094fa2 r .LC116
e0094fad r .LC117
e0094fb9 r .LC118
e0094fbb r .LC126
e0094fc5 r .LC127
e0094fc6 r .LC128
e0094fcf r .LC129
e0094fd9 r .LC130
e0094fe4 r .LC132
e0094fec r .LC133
e0094ff2 r .LC134
e0094ff7 r .LC135
e0094ffc r .LC136
e0095001 r .LC143
e0095017 r .LC150
e0095027 r .LC151
e0095037 r .LC152
e0095044 r .LC154
e0095058 r .LC163
e0095062 r .LC164
e009506f r .LC165
e009507c r .LC166
e0095089 r .LC167
e0095096 r .LC168
e00950a2 r .LC169
e00950ae r .LC170
e00950ba r .LC171
e00950c8 r .LC172
e00950d6 r .LC173
e00950e4 r .LC174
e00950f2 r .LC175
e0095100 r .LC176
e009510e r .LC177
e009511a r .LC178
e0095129 r .LC179
e009513a r .LC180
e009514b r .LC181
e009515c r .LC182
e009516d r .LC183
e009517a r .LC184
e0095186 r .LC185
e0095192 r .LC186
e00951a0 r .LC187
e00951b0 r .LC189
e00951b3 r .LC193
e00951bd r .LC198
e00951db r .LC200
e00951f4 r .LC204
e0095212 r .LC208
e0095226 r .LC211
e0095241 r .LC213
e009524c r .LC214
e0095257 r .LC216
e0095270 r .rodata
e0095270 R __insmod_hostap_plx_S.rodata_L32
e0095284 r __module_pci_device_size
e00952a0 d version
e00952a0 D __insmod_hostap_plx_S.data_L800
e00952a0 d .data
e00952a4 d dev_info
e00952a8 d ignore_cis
e00952ac d prism2_plx_id_table
e0095418 d prism2_plx_known_manfids
e0095450 d mtu
e0095460 d channel
e0095480 d essid
e00954a0 d iw_mode
e00954c0 d beacon_int
e00954e0 d dtim_period
e0095500 d dev_template
e0095504 d rfc1042_header
e009550a d bridge_tunnel_header
e0095510 d last_inquire.0
e0095514 d last_magic_err.1
e0095518 d last_inquire.2
e0095520 d prism2_plx_funcs
e0095564 d __module_pci_device_table
e0095580 d prism2_plx_drv_id
e00956b4 d cards_found.3
e00956b4 d .bss

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