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bauer at bauer
Fri Oct 24 07:31:15 PDT 2003

Joshua Wright [Joshua.Wright at] wrote:
>> Is it possible to send a 802.11 data packet to the broadcast
>> address and the broadcast BSSID?   So just like a 802.11 probe
>> request just not a management frame.  
>Yes, this is certainly possible.  I have seen this cause some cards to crash though, so proceed with caution.
>> I had been attempting to using PF_PACKET and SOCK_RAW to send
>> and receive the packets.   That should work, correct?
>Using the HostAP drivers, check out the libwlan project at  This has some examples to let you send arbitrary packets.  Alternatively, I have written a command-line tool to inject packets using the AirJack drivers that can also be used for this task.  The tool is called file2air, and is available at:

Thanks for the pointers.  I am using the hostap driver so was most
interested in the libwlan package.

I downloaded and installed the libwlan package but I seem to be
completely unable to generate packets on the wireless

I tried using a variety of different version of the hostap
driver from 0.0.4 to 0.1.1.  The firmware versions I have tried for
my cards are 1.3.4 and 1.4.9.  (I have a variety of different cards.)

Looking at the stats in the proc directory, nothing seems to change
even though the packet socket reports successful sending of all the
packets.  Watching on the wireless medium using another hostap card
in monitor mode, on the same channel, fails to detect any output as

I have tried generating packets with both the default progtest
program and with some other packet types as well created using
the library.

If you have any suggestions I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks again,

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