Broadcast BSSID

Joshua Wright Joshua.Wright
Thu Oct 23 04:34:59 PDT 2003

> Is it possible to send a 802.11 data packet to the broadcast
> address and the broadcast BSSID?   So just like a 802.11 probe
> request just not a management frame.  

Yes, this is certainly possible.  I have seen this cause some cards to crash though, so proceed with caution.

> I had been attempting to using PF_PACKET and SOCK_RAW to send
> and receive the packets.   That should work, correct?

Using the HostAP drivers, check out the libwlan project at  This has some examples to let you send arbitrary packets.  Alternatively, I have written a command-line tool to inject packets using the AirJack drivers that can also be used for this task.  The tool is called file2air, and is available at:

The AirJack drivers for Intersil cards are available at

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