Aironet 350

Al al
Thu Oct 23 11:37:20 PDT 2003

Apologies for sending this to list, I had a mail from Hiro Protagonist re.
an old post of mine and my replies keep bouncing.

----- Original Message -----

> Almost a year and a half ago, you posted a message to the hostap mailing
> list mentioning that you thought you nearly had the Cisco 350 card working
> as an access point.  However, you said you needed some time to straighten
> everything out before releasing your modifications and starting work on
> tweaking the driver to get everything working right.  I've been searching
> for an update on this, but I haven't found one yet, so I figured I would
> email you and ask you personally.  So, have you gotten around to this yet?
> :)

I've had a couple of people mail me on this but I haven't got round to
finishing it (other things intervened).

The driver I used was the sourceforge airo-linux  : ( I used cvs version which has
no doubt moved on since)

The changes I made to the driver to allow the hostapd app see the aironet
packets were very minor. I am fairly confident that it wasn't necessary to
do more than frig with FLAG_802_11 in the driver to enable hostapd pick up
the packets (one of the modes that doesn't set the flag has to set it) but I
didn't finally confirm that because I had made and backed out other changes
to the code (hence need for clean up).

I'm fairly sure there was a modification to the hostapd code (a very old
version of it) to cover an extra byte or two in the cisco packet. I also put
in a fudge to ensure that the sequence number of the ack would always be
greater than the packet but I was eventually fairly confident it wasn't

Hostapd code required a couple of functions to handle assoc and auth - later
versions probably already have the code although there may (again) be minor
format issues.

One problem was that it was fairly cisco specific eg. a lucent card would
not reliably associate (did once or twice initially, but I couldn't repeat).


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