Does hostap-0.0.4 support Radius Accounting?!

Jason Boxman jasonb
Wed Oct 22 07:11:08 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 04:15, alf romeo wrote:
> hi to all!
> Is it possible to have the
> radius server built in the same PC as the
> HostAP?..meaning, the authentication is taken from the
> HostAP pc not from a separate PC..I know that hostap
> supports the radius protocol, but i dont know if it
> can handle the Radius server itself...

Yeah, you could do that if you wanted to.  I haven't done it, but you just 
point hostapd to your RADIUS server, which would be the same machine in your 
case.  Keep in mind for multiple HostAP boxes a centralized RADIUS server on 
different box might make sense.

> I hope you can help me with this..I cannot provide of
> any outputs because i have no idea how to use hostap
> for radius..Maybe you can give me sample commands to
> test hostap for radius.I appreciate any help you can give..

Check out the README file for details on 802.1x and some hostapd basics.  
You'll need to download the new hostapd v0.1.0 package on the HostAP package 
to proceed.  I haven't setup FreeRADIUS myself, so someone else will have to 
assist with that.

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