Does hostap-0.0.4 support Radius Accounting?!

alf romeo gambaslupa
Wed Oct 22 01:15:31 PDT 2003

hi to all!

I already put up an access point using hostap-0.0.4
driver...Now the next step is to have an
authentication in my system. I have no experience in
setting up any radius server..I have read some
documents about radius server, but most of them are
used in wired systems. Is it possible to have the
radius server built in the same PC as the
HostAP?..meaning, the authentication is taken from the
HostAP pc not from a separate PC..I know that hostap
supports the radius protocol, but i dont know if it
can handle the Radius server itself...

I hope you can help me with this..I cannot provide of
any outputs because i have no idea how to use hostap
for radius..Maybe you can give me sample commands to
test hostap for radius.I appreciate any help you can give..

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