Problem with 3Com wireless PC Card

Dirk Markwardt D.Markwardt
Wed Oct 22 00:15:56 PDT 2003

Hello again !

DM> I've got a linux box running kernel 2.4.22, hostap 0.1.0 (also tried
DM> CVS after 0.0.4) and a Netgear MA311 (Prism 2.5 with firmware 1.7.4).

DM> This works perfectly with several wireless clients (one Orinoco Gold
DM> Card, one Dlink 22 MBit running @ 11 MBit). Now I've got a 3Com 11
DM> MBit Wireless PC Card (3CRSHPW796) and a Notebook running Win XP Pro.
DM> All settings like SSID and encryption are correct but I don't get a
DM> Link.

DM> My Linux syslog says:

DM> Oct 17 09:19:31 darkstar kernel: wlan0: 00:0b:ac:9a:9f:46 auth_cb - STA not found
DM> Oct 17 09:20:04 darkstar last message repeated 52 times
DM> Oct 17 09:20:36 darkstar last message repeated 51 times
DM> [...]

I found the error ... I've got a deny-all-Strategy with MAC-Addresses
and enter only a few allowed ones. The MAC-Address printed on the card
differs from the one programmed into it :-((( So I entered the wrong

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