clients don't associate to 0.1.0 --> AP: drop packet to non-associated STA (solved)

Jirka Bohac jbohac
Sun Oct 19 01:03:11 PDT 2003

> The last minute cleanup for the WDS interface handling had a bug that
> ended up accepting data frames from not associated STAs because driver
> thought they were from a WDS link. These frames were corrupted (last six
> bytes missing), but were enough to get entries in ARP table. In
> addition, since the frames were accepted, AP did not inform the STA that
> it is not associated and conserquently, the STA did not re-associate.
> Could you please confirm that the attached patch is enough to fix this
> issue?

YES, it does fix the problem! I patched a clean hostap-driver-0.1.0
(i.e. without your previous reverse patch) with this patch. After a
reboot, all clients associated seamlessly. 

Thanks a lot!


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