[slightly off-topic] Access Point & Access Point Client communication problem

Jeremy Field jezza
Sat Oct 18 20:00:11 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have a Billion 743-GE Wireless ADSL Firewall Router which uses the
Prism 2.5 chipset for 802.11b. I also have a generic 802.11b Access
Point (apparently similar to the Netgear ME102), and am using its Access
Point Client mode. Despite all my efforts, I cannot transmit data over
the link between them.

They are both using Channel 1, have the same ESSID, have WEP disabled
(for the moment), and show evidence of communication between them. The
743-GE's MAC address (for the AP Client config) is not obvious; its SNMP
data suggest three possibilities, all of which I've tried

After a period with both devices powered up and within range of each
other, the stats read approximately as follows: (deep breath!)

AP (ie the 743-GE): Tx packets 19559, Tx bad packets 44
	(all the rest 0: Tx collisions, Tx excessive collisions,
	Rx packets, Rx bad packets, Rx CRC errors,
	Rx over-long packets, Rx short packets)

AP client: UnicastPacketsRx 2505, BroadcastPacketsRx 8909,
	MulticastPacketsRx 33, BeaconRx 42, ACKRx 0, RTSRx 348, CTSRx 0
	ACKTx 2545, RTSTx 0, CTSTx 354, Aged Packets 5394
	(all the rest 0: UnicastPacketsTx, BroadcastPacketsTx,
	MulticastPacketsTx, BeaconTx, ACKFailure, CTSSFailure,
	RetryPackets, ReceivedDuplicate, FailedPackets, FCSError,

This problem is driving me absolutely bonkers and I'd be delighted to
hear from anyone who has any idea of what's going on!

Many thanks for advice or references to a more appropriate forum!


Hardware info:
Billion 743-GE http://i-tech.com.au/products/item3378.asp
Generic 802.11b Access Point http://i-tech.com.au/products/item1905.asp

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