clients don't associate to 0.1.0 --> AP: drop packet tonon-associated STA

Tomas Charvat eaglecz
Sat Oct 18 09:13:04 PDT 2003

i got the same problem
upgraded from 0.0.4 to 0.1.0 and all linux box with 0.0.4 didnt associate
so i had to downgrade to 0.0.4 and they are back up

Xi-626 with 1.7.4 Fw here
WE 16

regards tomas

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Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 11:12 AM
Subject: clients don't associate to 0.1.0 --> AP: drop packet
tonon-associated STA

> Hello world,
> yesterday I upgraded form a September-24's CVS version of hostap to
> 0.1.0. HostAP manages 3 cards (ZCOM XI626), two of them in master mode,
> managed.
> I've seen strange problems with client's not associating correctly to
> the AP:
> After a while, a few windows-based clients associated, but none of the
> many linux+hostap based clients (using a mixture of older hostap
> versions). All clients' MAC addresses appeared in the ARP table,
> although there was no message in syslog saying that the clients
> associated. Also, their MAC could not be found in
> /proc/net/hostap/wlanX.
> However, since the kernel knew their MACs, it tried to send packets to
> them, resulting in tons of messages like this in the syslog:
> AP: drop packet to non-associated STA <client's MAC address>
> And now the strangest thing:
> I loaded the previous hostap modules, let the clients associate. Then I
> put the MAC policy to closed, and kicked them all out. After that, when
> I unloaded the old hostap modules and reloaded 0.1.0, the clients
> associated to the AP. However, still not all of them (maybe because they
> did not associate to the old version and were not kicked...)
> I just can't find an explanation to this - how could kicking the clients
> from the previous hostap version help them associate with the new one?
> I tried several times, and this really seems to work.
> I switched back to the old version of hostap, because my box routes a lot
> traffic and I don't want to cause trouble to people using it... not all
> of them associated to the 0.1.0.
> I don't use hostapd, My AP has a "deny" mac policy, listing just a few
> denied MACs.
> There have been other people in our community, reporting similar
> behaviour.
> Any help, suggestions, or rtfms greatly appreciated!
> Jirka Bohac
> CZFree.Net, Czechia
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