Increasing intersil prism2+ based card power

James B. Hiller jhiller
Thu Oct 16 18:25:29 PDT 2003

> >
> In fact he'd meant to trim the post a bit and change the subject line,
> but something odd happened on the network (it's been doing strange
> things like that all day) and the mail went off without me...

Thx!  Now, I have only three questions:

a.  Is the implication that if one includes this code snippet in hostap
source in a suitable place, (or would it be the iwpriv/iwconfig tools?),
that that's all that's needed to be able to operate the card at the
higher power levels?

b.  Is it known to be the case that the card will work and behave
just fine, or is there any risk (of either damage or poor performance)
that wouldn't be evident?

c.  Does it matter WHICH card the chipset is in, as to whether this
works well or not?


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