Management frames problem in 0.0.4 and later

Petr Novak pen
Mon Oct 13 15:00:21 PDT 2003

Dear Joini and all others,

some time I have posted a problem with management frames (authentication) in 
0.0.4 and later version (it was late September and it referred to current 
CVS). I was told to narrow it to before/after 0.0.4 which I did and to sniff 
the actual communication, which I have posted a week ago. However, I have not 
received any further information. Is someone (Jouni?) looking into the 
problem, or I am completely left to my own? I would appreciate some 
acknowledgement that someone is prepared to look at the problem.

I can try to localize the problem further, but I might need some more 
guidance. If everything else fails, I will try the hostap changes one by one 
between 0.0.3 and 0.0.4 to find which one is the root cause of the problem.

Is there anything visible in the sniff which I have posted?

Thanks and regards,

Petr Novak
pen at
+420 776 204 526
+420 603 870 101

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