best card for linux in hostap mode?

Dominique Blas ml
Thu Oct 16 14:34:52 PDT 2003

Le Jeudi 16 Octobre 2003 12:08, Niki Waibel a ?crit :
> >> which wireless card would you recommend for linux in ap mode?
> >
> > My dear Niki,
> > I think you are workin' in a very interesting company that produces IP
> > core in the wireless market : the chipset WiLD.
> >
> > Indeed, It would be very interesting for the community built around
> > HostAP to use this chipset. Well, not really the chipset itself (it's a
> > core) but this chipset equipped with a PCMCIA controller, an PCI or an
> > USB controller
> > in order to be driven by a HostAP.
> > Of course, your company sells a SDK for companies
> which is for windows only (unfort).
Never mind, once the code is compiled, it doesn't matter any more.
> > that want to build a product around the WiLD. The community has no money
> > to buy such a kit and not enough relationships to integrate
> > the WiLD chipset, a PCMCIA or a PCI controller into the same product.
> well -- i actually dont know if there are some products available right
> now. but i could ask ppl here.

Yes, it could be interesting to ask if it exists some products based on Newlogic WiLD.

> > But I'm convinced that it would be a good bargain to dispose of a such
> > product. To be compared to existing chipsets (ie Prism) the WiLD permits
> > us to not have a embedded secondary firmware but a host
> > controlled secondary firmware  through HostAP.
> unfort i dont understand compleatly.
> what would you need and what would you do?

What I need ?
	Firsteval, a complete product based on Newlogic IP core; By complete I mean a operational wireless 802.11a/b/g PcCArd, or USB or PCI adapter  ;
	Secondly, the complete specifications about the chips used in the core (broadband modem, dropdown converter and ABOVE ALL MAC processor) ; by complete here I mean 
		the registers, the behavior of the chips according to the values set in the different registers, etc. This is what we should find in the development kit.
		I think an evaluation board is not needed since we are not involved in the development of a new product but only in the development of a new secondary firmware for an existing product.
		As for Prism chipsets and as Jouni did it for HostAP, the technical datasheets, examples of code and technical tips are needed (what needs a NDA in general) in order to start something.

	Maybe we have nothing to do with Newlogic and will have more chance with a customer of Newlogic that has already developed a product that lacks customers itself and would like to push up the marketing of his product.
	According to the partners page of your site, Agere seems to be a Newlogic's customer but maybe not for WiLD IP.



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