best card for linux in hostap mode?

Niki Waibel niki.waibel
Thu Oct 16 03:08:17 PDT 2003

>> which wireless card would you recommend for linux in ap mode?
> My dear Niki,
> I think you are workin' in a very interesting company that produces IP core in the wireless market : the chipset WiLD.
> Indeed, It would be very interesting for the community built around HostAP to use this chipset. 
> Well, not really the chipset itself (it's a core) but this chipset equipped with
> a PCMCIA controller, an PCI or an USB controller
> in order to be driven by a HostAP.
> Of course, your company sells a SDK for companies

which is for windows only (unfort).

> that want to build a product around the WiLD. The community has no money to buy
> such a kit and not enough relationships to integrate 
> the WiLD chipset, a PCMCIA or a PCI controller into the same product.

well -- i actually dont know if there are some products available right now.
but i could ask ppl here.

> But I'm convinced that it would be a good bargain to dispose of a such product. 
> To be compared to existing chipsets (ie Prism) the WiLD permits us to not have
> a embedded secondary firmware but a host
> controlled secondary firmware  through HostAP.

unfort i dont understand compleatly.
what would you need and what would you do?

> I let you imagine what could be the possibilities offered by such a combination :
> we'll blow out all the existing AP .


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