FreeBSD 1.7.4 troubles

Roland van Laar the_mip_rvl
Wed Oct 15 04:25:57 PDT 2003


I'm using FreeBSD 5.0 and I want to use the 1.7.4 firmware because it
supports ssid hiding. 

Now I'm having the problem that the 1.7.4 firmware doesn't work in
hostap mode. Other firmware like 1.5.6 do work.

I recently read something about the resetting of Port0
Was this done to let it work with the 1.7.4 firmware
or did the 1.7.4 work already without changes to the hostap driver?

Or does anybody have also had problems with the 1.7.4 firmware?

If so, did you write a patch?

I'm really looking forward hearing from you guys :)

Roland van Laar

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