Interface 'wlan0' does not seem to support prism2_param command.

Jason Boxman jasonb
Fri Oct 10 08:47:22 PDT 2003

On Friday 10 October 2003 05:23, alf romeo wrote:
> > What's your `lsmod`?
> I read from another mailinglist,forgot which one, but
> I remember mentioning about iwpriv command not
> supported by the wireless extension.How would you know
> what version you have and can it be upgraded or you
> must recompile?!...

I believe == 2.4.20 has WEv14 and >= 2.4.21 currently has WEv15.  You should 
be fine with WEv15.

It sounds like that might be the problem.

RedHat 8.0 and 7.3 would come with kernels with WE earlier than the above, 
although it would seem RedHat patched 8.0 since you didn't have a problem.  
You'll need to obtain a RedHat kernel for your 7.3 box from 8.0 or compile a 
kernel for that machine by hand with WEv15.



Jason Boxman
Administrator TrekWeb.COM - Linux Pages

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