Timing and fragmentation

Jerry mrcool
Fri Oct 10 06:21:12 PDT 2003

   Im going to ask again.  It has been mentioned that a problem with long distance wireless links can be a timing issue... I was wondering if there was any command to perhaps tweak these settings, or if it was even possible through the drivers...  I have administrative access at both ends so if it was possible, i would sure like to try...

   Second question..."iwconfig wlan0 frag 1024"  doesnt seem to do anything... doesnt even seem to turn it on, as an "iwconfig wlan0" still says fragmentation is off... So my question would be... does the iwconfig fragmentation command work with the hostap driver?  any chance it will? Maybe i need a certain level of wireless extension? 

  Hostap is in client mode in these situations for me.

Thanks all

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