Configuring WDS using hostap

Jason Boxman jasonb
Thu Oct 9 20:56:55 PDT 2003

On Thursday 09 October 2003 23:52, Dave wrote:
> For
> > each wlanX interface, too?  Does each AP and its associated stations
> become
> > its own network segment, along with the WDS back channels?
> I found doing ip routing across wds/ap's cumbersome so I opted for bridging
> with heavy filtering to minimize the junk flying around.

Interesting.  What kind of junk?

> But I could see you having a /16 or /24 on a wlan0 and all associated
> STAs...then having /30's on each side of your WDS links...and just put
> simple statics in the route table to direct the flow.
> Did I misunderstand the question?

No, I've never done any large scale routing.  So I was really asking how 
exactly you'd do all that.  So you'd need to establish static routes in some 
(all) situations it sounds like?

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