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SR Dasgupta srdasgupta
Tue Oct 7 06:30:58 PDT 2003

I understand that auth_algs should be either 1(open), 2(shared) or 3(both) abd never 0. Try it out.

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hi All,
        we are getting the problem in authentication process (802.1x) using 
windows xp suppicant, hostapd authenticator & radius server.

First we used hostapd in user space & having configuration in hostapd.conf
(ieee_802_1x=1, auth_algos=0, macaddr-
auth_server_shared_secret="hello" etc)

we were able to get authentication frame from both the sides but  there was  
no association frme form either side.

what can be the problem? pls reply if u have any suggestion.

Then we tried to use hostapd in kernel driver. Then we were able to get even 
association frame but no access to internet.
DMESG says:-
wlan: data dropped from unauthorised port(IEE 802.1x): ethertype=0x0806.
pls reply if possible.

say ...cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeze................. :-)

neeraj popli
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