Wired/Wireless Bridge

Silencium68 at web.de Silencium68
Wed Oct 1 00:21:25 PDT 2003

I want to bridge a wired ethernet with an wireless LAN, where systems on both sides can communicate with each other.

WLAN Access Point (AP#01): D-Link DWL-1000AP
	Netmask: (don?t ask me why, it?s due to history, and can?t be changed)

Ethernet/WLAN-Bridge (BR#01): Siemens Scenic Mobile 510 AGP notebook
	OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r1 Kernel 2.4.22
	Hostname: sm510agp-bridge
	eth0: D-Link DFE-660
		Promiscious Mode
	eth1: Lucent Orinoco Silver WaveLAN
		Promiscious Mode

PC#01: NoName
	OS: Win2k SP#3
	Hostname: scrappy
		Default Gateway:

+-------+       +-------+ +        + +-------+      /--------\
| PC#01 +-------+ BR#01 +-+ <<<>>> +-+ AP#01 +-----+  LAN#02 +
+-------+       +-------+            +-------+      \--------/
       eth0    eth0    eth1

1.) Ethernet Bridge
Using default bridging features coming along with Linux, I had to learn that bridging a wired with a wireless LAN won?t work because of MAC address issues, and the Orinoco card can?t be operated using the HostAP driver. => DISMISS! :(

2.) Proxy ARP/IP Bridge
Okay, IP Bridging or Proxy ARP seemed to be the solution; I got ?iptools2?, I got ?parprouted?, compiled and installed the software, configured everything accordingly, and....from BR#01 I could successfully do a ?ping? to the AP#01 and any system on LAN#02 and PC#01. When using PC#01 and trying the same, I can successfully ping both interfaces of BR#01, but not a single step further! :(

3.) Router
Hmm, approach 2.) didn?t work, why not just configuring the Debian box as a router?

bash# route add -net netmask dev eth0
bash# route add -net netmask dev eth1

When trying this configuration the results are just the same as with approach 2.).

>From PC#01 I can?t go past the WLAN connection!

Why is this so? What happens? How can I solve this all, preferably using approach 2.)?
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