Demarctech card locks machine with HostAP

Kyler Laird kyler-keyword-hostap.67a4fa
Sun Jan 26 11:49:32 PST 2003

I've got a few of the Demarctech ReliaWave 200mW cards that
I'd hoped to use with HostAP.  I finally got around to
trying it yesterday and was surprised at how easy it was to
install.  Unfortunately, as soon as I insert one of these
cards, my machine locks up hard.

	Panasonic Toughbook CF-71
	Debian (unstable)
	Linux 2.4.20
	kernel PCMCIA

It locks right after a message about registering wifi0.  (I
also tried last night's CVS snapshot, but it locked before
even showing the registration message.)

These cards worked (with some problems) using the Orinoco

Any advice on where to start poking?  I've been trying to
chew through all of the documentation I've found, but I'm
not seeing any mention of lockup on insertion.

Thank you.


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