[HostAP] Re: Linksys WPC11, can load drivers (manually) but doesnt create device wlan0.

Francois Gurin matrix
Sat Jan 25 23:08:29 PST 2003

> > That sounds like your pcmcia-cs (actually, cardmgr) is configured to use
> > prism2_cs driver. If you want to use Host AP driver with that card, you
> > would need to change pcmcia-cs configuration for that card. Host AP
> > driver installation should have already copied hostap_cs.conf that
> > describes hostap_cs.o as the driver for Linksys WPC11. However, some
> > other configuration file can override this configuration. You would thus
> > need to comment out that other part refering to prism2_cs driver.
> Thanks Jouni, Jason...
> Jason:  ...had tried that already, its in /etc/modules.conf. doesnt make any
> difference...

nope.  it's actually in one of the configuration files in /etc/pcmcia/*.
	grep -l prism2_cs /etc/pcmcia/*
will give you a list of files with the wrong setting.  prism2_cs is what
the module was called about a year ago.  modifying the offending config
files to hostap_cs should cardmgr loading the right driver.  

the erroneous entries could either be from a previously installed old 
version of hostap, or some wacky suse default.


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