Strange effect with SparkLAN

Paul Walker paul
Fri Jan 24 16:38:47 PST 2003


I've got two SparkLAN cards, both using Prism2.5 (one PCI and one PCMCIA).

The one in the desktop is using hostap to act as master. Running WinXP on
the laptop with the PCMCIA card, it'll work fine for hours under heavy load.

But.. running Linux on the laptop with various drivers (orinoco, prism2
etc.), things work for about 5 minutes at most before the card in the
desktop dies to the extent I have to power-cycle it to work again. :/

Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Failing this, what debug info
would help to narrow this down? Seems odd that a change in remote behaviour
could kill the desktop, but there you go.



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I've always known / That the mirror never lies
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