one PC emulate lot of wireless client, possible ?

Huei-Ping Chen hueiping
Fri Jan 24 18:38:20 PST 2003


I am wondering if it's possible, using one laptop with 2 wireless pcmcia
card to emulate lots of wireless clients ?

this is what I am thinking, using hostapd as example, I can modified it
to send authentication/association request with made-up MAC address,
so, the AP would think mutiple clients are trying to associate with it,
and if I put the other card into monitor mode, then I can listen to all 
response from the AP.

this way, I can transmit raw 802.11/802.1x packets, and can also listening 
to all packets, so I should be able to emualte lots of clients, right ?

but there is one thing that's bothering me, that, I have seen Jouni 
mentioned a couple of times, that the client need to send back an ACK
after receiving a packet, so, even though the card that's in monitor
receives the packet, but it can't send ACK because it can't transmit
in monitor, so, the above scheme would not work at all.

is my understanding correct ?

any suggestion/pointer is greatly appreciated,

-- Ping


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