Linksys WPC11, can load drivers (manually) but doesnt create device wlan0.

Jason Boxman jasonb
Fri Jan 24 16:21:37 PST 2003

Jerry said:

> SuSE 8.0 (fresh) Hostap 10/03....   The driver will compile (make pccard)
> and install (make install_pccard) fine...
> after installing the driver you can 'modprobe hostap_cs' and it will load
> the driver fine.  But it wont create wlan0, the interface.  if i reboot at
> Where am i going wrong and what info is needed to help troubleshoot
> this...?

Well, what I do is in /etc/modules.conf (or in my case
/etc/modutils/aliases on Debian) is add:

alias wlan0 hostap_pci

I always have my precious wlan0 now.

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