Linksys WPC11, can load drivers (manually) but doesnt create device wlan0.

Jerry mrcool
Fri Jan 24 10:40:24 PST 2003

SuSE 8.0 (fresh) Hostap 10/03....   The driver will compile (make pccard) and install (make install_pccard) fine...
after installing the driver you can 'modprobe hostap_cs' and it will load the driver fine.  But it wont create wlan0, the interface.  if i reboot at this point, the machine finds the pcmcia adapter (pci to pcmcia adapter) and tries to initialize the prism2_cs driver (per dmesg), this doesnt work (you get the low freq beep), but it doesnt even TRY to load the hostap_cs driver... what am i doing wrong?   I did the same thing with a plx adapter (same os/hostap) in a diff mobo and even though i had to modprobe to get it to load, at least it creates wlan0, and i can use it... 

Where am i going wrong and what info is needed to help troubleshoot this...?
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