Somebody have the programmers guide of intersil chipset?

Denis Vlasenko vda
Thu Jan 23 05:55:41 PST 2003

On 23 January 2003 09:13, Brian Capouch wrote:
> > Anyway, even 1.4.9 firmware files aren't that big (~64k).
> > Do anybody know what CPU is used in Prism cards?
> > Is it legal to try and disassemble firmware?
> > --
> Boy, those words sure got my excitement level raised!!
> Maybe if we could write our own firmware, we could adapt the
> technique regarding the "distributed" versus "short" interframe
> spaces put forth in the AT&T paper that would allow for
> Infrastructure mode connections to be solidly done from >~6000' from
> the access point. . .
> I'm all for it; hope it might be possible.

It would be possible *if* we know which CPU is in there.
And that's a big if.

I didn't try to contact Intersil on this matter.

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