Somebody have the programmers guide of intersil chipset?

Brian Capouch brianc
Wed Jan 22 23:13:41 PST 2003

Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> I wondered why we rely on someone else's code in the firware
> (and may be caught by fw bugs for years) instead of writing
> our own...
> Anyway, even 1.4.9 firmware files aren't that big (~64k).
> Do anybody know what CPU is used in Prism cards?
> Is it legal to try and disassemble firmware?
> --

Boy, those words sure got my excitement level raised!!

Maybe if we could write our own firmware, we could adapt the technique 
regarding the "distributed" versus "short" interframe spaces put forth 
in the AT&T paper that would allow for Infrastructure mode connections 
to be solidly done from >~6000' from the access point. . .

I'm all for it; hope it might be possible.


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