one way bad: dlink dwl-520, netgear me102

Denis Vlasenko vda
Wed Jan 22 22:50:33 PST 2003

On 21 January 2003 23:09, Magnus wrote:
> >> We use a combination of netgear me102 accesspoint and dlink
> >> dwl-520 (11
> >> Mbit, using hostap_pci-driver) in the router to connect a lan to a
> >> dsl-router (suse-linux 8.2, kernelversion 2.4).
> >
> > Which primary and station firmware versions are you using in D-Link
> > DWL-520? If PRI < 1.0.7 or STA < 1.3.5, you should upgrade them.
> > Older versions are known to corrupt packet data when it is
> > transfered over PCI bus..
> Since when use pci-networkadaptercards a firmware? On D-Link-Homepage
> no firmware for dwl-520 exists.

It exists.

Install of flash utility for Windows:

daemon wget -c
daemon wget -c
daemon wget -c

I used these and it helped a lot.

BTW, I once wrote:
>I seem to be unable to set MAC address.
>It seems to work and I can see my frames with right
>MAC address with tcpdump. The problem is, other hosts
>do not like me anymore :( I see zero incoming packets.
>This happens even if I set MAC addr before bringing
>iface up. I.e. no host can possibly cache stale ARP
>I'd be grateful if anyone will do a quick check on their
>hardware/firmware/driver combo and tell me the results.

It's a matter of simple 
# ifconfig ethN hw ether X:X:X:X:X:X
# ip link set dev ethN address X:X:X:X:X:X
, upping iface and pinging

Anybody? ;)

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