one way bad: dlink dwl-520, netgear me102

Magnus magnus_k
Tue Jan 21 13:09:47 PST 2003

>> We use a combination of netgear me102 accesspoint and dlink dwl-520
>> Mbit, using hostap_pci-driver) in the router to connect a lan to a
>> dsl-router (suse-linux 8.2, kernelversion 2.4).
> Which primary and station firmware versions are you using in D-Link
> DWL-520? If PRI < 1.0.7 or STA < 1.3.5, you should upgrade them. Older
> versions are known to corrupt packet data when it is transfered over
> bus..
> -- 
> Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id

Since when use pci-networkadaptercards a firmware? On D-Link-Homepage no
firmware for dwl-520 exists.


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