Monitor mode with WE-16

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Wed Jan 22 09:49:48 PST 2003

Bernardo Cabezas Serra wrote :
> I have problems while switching to Monitor mode since I upgraded Wireless 
> Extensions API to version 16 (with 2.4.20 vanilla kernel).

	I have trouble seeing what could be the relation between WE16
and monitor mode. On the other hand, that might be related to the
switch WE14 => WE15 (which change the way monitor mode is set).

> Another related issue is that almost all aplications have some trouble with 
> the new WE API and hostap. For example, "wavemon" submits ioctls with 
> "" field of struct iwreq to zero, and seems hostap don't like 
> it. I've got it runnig by setting length field to the "sizeof" of the data 
> pointed to by "" (and the same process for every ioctl in 
> wavemon).
> Can be considered a bug in wavemon the fact of setting "length" fieds to 0 ?

	That something that I introduced in WE13/WirelessTools23 and
that is enforced strictly on WE15. It has nothing to do with hostap
and is enforced in the kernel.
	At the time I released WE13 (over a year ago), I notified
various authors of tools, including the author of wavemon. I sent him
a friendly reminder the 4 Sep 2002. What more can I do ?
	Your fix is mostly correct, but lenght is (unfortunately) not
always the sizeof(data). Please check in the Wireless Tools for each

	Good luck...


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