Monitor mode with WE-16

Gerald Britton gbritton
Wed Jan 22 07:21:45 PST 2003

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 02:03:38PM +0100, Bernardo Cabezas Serra wrote:
> I have problems while switching to Monitor mode since I upgraded Wireless 
> Extensions API to version 16 (with 2.4.20 vanilla kernel).
> I'm using hostap from CVS, and my wireless card is a Conceptronic
> CON11CC. Ah, and wireless-tools' version is 26pre7. 
> When I try "iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor", I get the following:

Is your essid set to "" (aka. any)?  This is invalid in master mode and
I've found the hardware gets very sick if you have it "" in any mode other
than managed.  If you do an "iwconfig wlan0 essid test" and then go into
monitor mode it should work fine.  I suggested a while ago that some sort
of safety be put into the driver to prevent you doing that.

				-- Gerald

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